Curriculum Concentrations

Incoming freshmen will select one of the following curriculum concentrations on the enrollment form. These are suggested curriculum paths and are meant to help guide students in selecting classes over their four years.  Students may choose to follow a different concentration at any time.  Students will work with their counselors annually to schedule the appropriate classes for their sophomore, junior, and senior years.  Many students choose the Core concentration as it allows for the greatest choice of electives over the four years of high school.

Students who scored an 80% average or higher on the NWEA Reading and SEHS Reading Comprehension portions of the selective enrollment process are eligible for all honors classes and AP Human Geography.  Students who scored below an 80% average will have all honors classes.

Students who would like to be part of Alpha, Omega, or the AP Capstone program should select one of the five areas of concentration on the online enrollment form.  Students who would like to be part of the Alpha or Omega programs must also complete the appropriate Intent form.  Alpha students will be placed in a cohort for their English, Math, and Science classes.  Omega students will be placed in a cohort for their AP Human Geography and English classes.  Students wishing to complete the AP Capstone diploma will select AP Seminar as one of their junior electives.

Lane Tech Curriculum Concentrations