Lane Tech College Prep, one of the top schools in the state of Illinois, provides a challenging and meaningful curriculum in a high tech learning environment that allows students to prepare for their best possible future.  We offer several curriculum options so that each student can choose classes that meet his or her individual educational goals. Many of the courses that students take as freshmen and sophomores are graduation requirements and will help students develop interests in fields of study.  As juniors and seniors, students have more choices for electives that will allow them to explore interests and prepare for college. Select the links below for additional details about our curriculum.

Freshmen have two options for Social Science classes: AP Human Geography and Honors World Studies.  Students who have an 80% average or higher on the NWEA Reading and SEHS Reading Comprehension portions of the selective enrollment process will be placed in AP Human Geography.  Please review the AP Human Geography information below to determine if you would like to take this class.  If you would like to take Honors World Studies instead, email Ms. Johnson at with your request.  If you have questions about the course, email Mr. Stepek at  Additional information about all course can be found on the Lane Tech course catalog.

Freshmen have the option of taking JROTC in place of PE. JROTC is leadership seminar with a mission to motivate young people to become better citizens and leaders. It is staffed by instructors who have retired from the U.S. Army but does not recruit for the military. I would encourage anyone who has historically not enjoyed PE to consider JROTC as an option and attend the information session below.

Leadership Seminar (JROTC) Information Session
“A  non feeder program for the military”
Tuesday, May 11 at 7:00 PM
Google Meet joining info


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