Course Placement

Lane Tech offers advanced placement to students in music performance groups, Algebra, and World Languages.  All students who are currently taking Algebra should taken the CPS Algebra Exit exam, which is administered at CPS elementary schools or through a centralized process for non-CPS student in June.  Students who pass the CPS Algebra Exit Exam will take Honors Geometry as freshmen.

Students who speak the language they selected on the enrollment form or took the selected language in elementary school are encouraged to take the World Language placement exam in order to be placed in the appropriate language level.  All language classes are offered at the Honors level.  Students with experience can test into level 2, 3, or 4.

Music auditions are open to any student who chose band, chorus, orchestra, or piano as their freshmen elective and have experience with an instrument or singing.  Select the following links for more information.


Math Placement
World Language
Music Auditions