A commonly asked question at Lane Tech is, "What does the Special Services Department do?" There are as many answers as there are students in our programs.

For a student with a physical disability, Special Services might mean having an aide to help her take notes or navigate the hallways between classes.

For a student with a learning disability, Special Services might mean having a special education teacher provide additional classroom instruction.

For a student with medical issues, Special Services might mean having the school's nurse available to dispense medication.

In short, the Special Services Department provides assistance to students with diverse needs in a variety of ways, including coordinating related services such as psychology, social work, speech therapy and more.

Currently, more than 400 Lane Tech students obtain special services in one form or another.

For some -- for example, those with ADHD, food allergies or medical conditions such as asthma and diabetes -- Special Services makes sure that the students receive appropriate accommodations for their condition.

For others -- students who qualify for an Individual Education Program (IEP) -- special education teachers provide various supports intended to help each student achieve their greatest potential. This could take the form of assisting learning-disabled students who are integrated into general education classrooms or providing modified curriculum to students with cognitive disabilities in self-contained classrooms.

Due to Lane Tech's immense size and rigorous curriculum, many students need a little extra help to be successful -- that's what Special Services does.