The Lane Tech High School Special Education Department embraces the school vision in its mission to empower students to accept responsibility for their learning, build relationships with parents, and improve support services for all students.

Special education services are provided to students in accordance with their Individual Education Plans. Students with disabilities are educated in the least restrictive classroom environment deemed appropriate for their needs.

Our service delivery model offers a continuum of services. At Lane, students have the opportunity to pursue myriad academic goals.

Each student with a disability is assigned a Service Provider from the Special Services Department. This individual coordinates IEP services in collaboration with other support staff and professionals in the building. These include general education teachers, paraprofessionals, speech pathologist, physical therapists, occupational therapists, the school social worker, nurse, psychologist, and school guidance counselors.

The majority of our special education students are enrolled in classes with students who do not have disabilities. Students with learning disabilities receive a variety of services: collaborative team teaching in core subject areas, resource periods, after-school tutoring, test accommodations, and assistance with organizational skills.

Students with severe/profound cognitive disabilities or autism attend instructional classes with low teacher-student ratios. Community-based independent living skills are the focus of the curriculum. With the emphasis on social, communication, sensory, vocational, and academic skills, our services offer opportunities to learn and practice daily living skills in a model home setting.

Other disabilities served include: physical, hearing, vision, emotional, and other health impairments.