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September 2014

Dear Parents, Students, Community, and Staff,

Welcome - and welcome back - to Lane Tech College Prep! We are extremely proud of our prior academic and athletic successes and look forward to yet another exciting and productive school year. Our focus is to exceed our past years' accomplishments in all academic subject areas and improve our students' culture and climate. We value our students and staff alike, and look forward to seeing the quality instruction and student centered environment here at Lane continue during the upcoming school year.

We hope that everyone has had pleasant summer and are ready to embark on a great school year. This summer we began renovation and construction efforts to update our first floor learning environment to support 21st century learning. We are opening a new Maker's Lab for students to explore their inner-creativities and 3D modeling. The Maker's Lab is a class, which combines the crafts of 21st century classes together with the newest technologies available for students to experience authentic learning through innovation. Through the Makers Lab, our students will create and engineer products using 3D Printers, 3D scanners, wood and vinyl cutting machines, laser cutters and many more industry standard CNC machines. This type of learning will continue our pursuit of cross-curricular science, engineering, math, technology, and art.

In addition to the Maker's Lab, Lane will be opening a brand new state of the art Dance Studio. "Dance 2501" will serve our students and provide a space for before and after school activities. The Dance studio is equipped with special dance flooring, mirrors, and a sound and video system.

We are also opening a new Robotics and Engineering Research lab for our Robotics students to research and design robotic components for continued learning and competition. Our Robotics program has empowered students to compete at the world level the past two years in a row and we are confident this new learning environment will better support the program.

We are also opening our new Multimedia Digital Art and Sculpture Lab for school-wide use. The Multimedia Digital Art and Sculpture Lab will serve both our wonderful Academic Center students as well as our Advanced Placement (AP) 3D and AP 2D programs. This new learning space will serve as an interdisciplinary environment to support the district's greatest, and most innovative, art program.

We are also opening Lane Tech's first Art gallery in mid-September this school year. "Gallery 2501" will serve as a space for faculty and students to showcase Lane's very own works of art. This space will provide a permanent home for faculty and student to host monthly event open to the community.

In addition, new this year is our Printmaking Lab, which will serve as a resource for students to learn the art of printmaking and fabric design. Through this course, students will design and print their creations on fabrics for use by the school.

In addition to updated classrooms, we have also added several new courses. The Science Department has added Astrochemistry, an emerging college-level course which combines the disciplines of astronomy, chemistry, and physics in the study of molecules in space. Also added this year is Aerospace Engineering, which combines Aeronautics (planes) and Astronautics (space) with a focus on conducting research and design and developing vehicles and systems for air, space, or any fluid environment. In the Art Department, we opened a new AP Digital Photography course for students to study more contemporary advances in the field of photography. In addition to our Adaptive P.E. class, this year we added Adaptive Art and Adaptive Music as classes to better serve our special needs students. Our goal for these new classes and programs is to connect science, technology, engineering, math and art courses through interdisciplinary activities where students from all five areas can work together and collaborate on projects.

Furthermore, these improved 21st century learning spaces and programs could not have been made possible without the support of our PTSO, Century Foundation, and anonymous parent and family donors that have contributed to Lane Tech College Prep. On behalf of Lane Tech College Prep, we are all very grateful and appreciative of your efforts!

We are hoping all our parent, student, and community partners will come out to Lane and attend our ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, September 17th to celebrate these new spaces. Our ribbon cutting will take place on campus from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. and I am looking forward to see each of you there.

We are honored to continue developing and expanding Lane Tech's extracurricular, athletic, and curricular offerings and ensuring each students is provided a high-quality learning environment second t none. We are looking forward to ensuring Lane Tech's place in history as a school of academic and athletic champions and wish all our students, teachers, parents, and community members a highly successful school year at the greatest school in the city, state, and nation.


Christopher A. Dignam, Ed.D.

Dr. Christopher Dignam
Fax: (773)534-5643

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