Welcome Lane Tech Parents!

If you have any questions about your child's academic performance, please reach out to his/her teacher and/or counselor. If you have any additional questions or concerns about the curriculum, program, or your child's teacher, please contact the appropriate Assistant Principal.

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Parent Contact Information

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Student Attendance Information

If your child will be absent for the day, please complete our Online Absence Report Form by 9:30 of the day of absence. If you do not have internet access, please call (773) 534-5410 by 9:30am to report the absence. You will need to provide the student's name, division, and ID number.

When your child returns, s/he should bring a completed absence note. If the absence should be exempt, documentation (doctor's note, hospital statement, etc) should be provided within one week of the student's return.

If your child is absent for 3 or more consecutive days, you must accompany him/her to school upon return and obtain a reinstatement. Appropriate documentation should be provided at this time.

If your child requires an early dismissal, please complete the Early Dismissal Form on the day of the early dismissal. A parent must pick up the student from Door M.

If you would like to obtain classwork for the days that your child will miss, please contact his/her counselor. A list of counselors is available on

For more detailed information about attendance policies, please visit our Rules and Regulations page.

Teacher Contact Information

Click here to access the staff directory.
For more information about contacting your child's teacher, request a copy of the class syllabus or visit the teacher's website.

Volunteer Opportunities

We encourage you to volunteer in the building! You can volunteer regularly in our computer labs, College and Career Center, or library, or volunteer for school-wide events such as Quick Start or Open House.

In order to volunteer, however, you must complete the CPS Volunteer Process. Instructions are outlined on the FACE website:

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering at Lane Tech, please contact Mollie Hart, Assistant Principal, at to answer a few pre-interview questions.

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a great way to track your child's grades and attendance. You can view the site at any time and even select triggers to receive alerts regarding your child's performance.

For information on creating an account for the Parent Portal, click here.
You will need your child's PIN. Please contact the main office to obtain this information.

After School and Saturday Tutoring

Lane Tech offers free tutoring after school and on Saturdays in all subject areas. Students are tutored by Lane Tech Staff members. Click here to view the tutoring schedule.

For information about a specific teacher's tutoring hours, contact the teacher or visit the teacher's class webpage.

Friends of Lane

What a powerful group this can be! The "Friends of Lane" is looking for members and volunteers. We are dedicated to supporting programs and activities for students and teachers at Lane Tech High School. All funds raised from our events will go directly back to the school. We invite you and welcome you to join us!

Please visit our new website that that contains all of the information you need regarding the Friends of Lane at:

- what counts as an excused absence - how parents call their child in sick or absent - how parents collect their child if they have to leave early - what students need to do if they arrive late