Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry
Course Code: 43210 (Regular); 45210 (Honors); 45215 (Honors/Alpha)
This course extends the study of the major topics from algebra I to give students an opportunity to solve more difficult problems. There is a review of fundamental operations, linear and quadratic sentences and systems, rational and radical expressions and functions. Students study complex numbers and logarithms before learning the basic trigonometric functions. Students then use those functions and their properties to solve triangles and prove identities. Graphs of trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions are analyzed. During the school year, time is set aside to prepare for the PSAE exam.

This Honors Alpha course is offered to students in the Alpha program who do not have a Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry credit. The teacher and supplementary course activities provide support on the topics of collecting and interpreting statistical data needed for science fair projects.

Next Year's Course: Pre Calculus, College Mathematics, AP Statistics, or Discrete Math / Business Statistics