Course Code: 43410 (Regular); 45410 (Honors); 45415 (Honors/Alpha)
Students learn to analyze common geometric shapes and prove conjectures about properties of figures. Students learn how points, lines, segments, rays and angles are used to form polygons, circles and solids. Concepts of transformation, congruence, similarity, area, volume and right triangle trigonometry are studied. Deductive and indirect proofs are used to justify statements about geometric parts. Teachers and students have access to calculator and computer based geometry software that allows the user to create diagrams and explore relationships between figure components.

This Honors Alpha course is offered to students in the Alpha program who do not have a geometry credit. The teacher and supplementary course activities provide support on the topics of collecting and interpreting statistical data needed for science fair projects.

Next Year's Course: Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry or Honors Telescopic (Trig/College Algebra) or Trig-Calc-Stats