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Admissions Process

The Office of Access and Enrollment manages the application and selection process for all Selective Enrollment Schools within Chicago Public Schools. Lane Tech does not accept applications and is not involved in the selection process for incoming students. Please click here for more information from OAE.

Students are selected to attend an Academic Center program based upon three criteria:
  1. Previous year's grades (for example: 5th grade grades, if applying to 7th grade)
  2. Previous year's NWEA MAP scores
  3. Elementary School Selective Enrollment Exam score (date provided upon application)
Further details and information can be found at the Office of Access and Enrollment Website (

Go to starting September 2018.

Meet & Greet

Newly accepted students will be invited to see Lane an additional time before making their selection by April 24. Accepted LTAC students are invited to join us from 5-7 pm on Wednesday, April 19th for Meet and Greet. There will be a presentation in our auditorium beginning at 5:00pm. Current LTAC students, parents, teachers, and administrators will be in attendance to answer any of your questions.

Accepted Students for the 2017-2018 Year

Congratulations on your acceptance to LTAC! Please enroll by filling out our online enrollment form (click here)by April 24, 2017. Students attending Academic Centers are eligible for school bus services. Please complete the Student Transportation Services “White Form” if you would like to utilize CPS transportation.

Open House

Lane Tech will host an open house for sixth grade students who are interested in the Academic Center (LTAC) in late October or early November of 2017. This is the only open house offered each school year. Accepted students will be invited to see Lane at the Meet & Greet in April before making their selection. Please check back in early August for the open house date.

Upcoming Events for Incoming Students

Math Placement Exam -- May 13
Mandatory math placement exam will take place Saturday May 13 at 9:00am. All incoming LTAC students are required to take a math basic skills exam for placement into Pre-Algebra or Algebra. Calculators are not allowed.

Language Placement Exam -- May 30 at 8:30am
Students should only take the language placement exam if they have prior instruction in the language they selected and would like to be placed in a high school level 2 course or higher

LTAC Orientation Day - Monday, August 21, 2017
Orientation is a one day event where students will meet their upper class mentors, follow a class schedule, and tour the school. The day will be filled with activities that will enable students to become more familiar and comfortable with Lane and their fellow classmates. Students will have lunch in the cafeteria, so please bring a lunch or $3 to purchase a pizza lunch. Orientation time TBD.

YMCA Camp Duncan - Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Sign up for the August 23rd Camp Duncan Day Trip by clicking here: Camp Duncan Participation Form 2017-18
Seventh grade students who sign up for Camp Duncan should plan on being at Lane no later than 8:15 am on Wednesday, August 23rd. Parents should plan on picking their students up at Lane no later than 8:45pm. All students must complete the Camp Duncan Participation Form 2017-18 in order to attend. Please check your email throughout the summer for additional details.

Information for Incoming LTAC Students

Medical Forms
All incoming seventh graders are required to submit a physical examination form for the 2017-18 school year. The physical must include a current T-DAP vaccination, 2 doses of MMR and Varicella, and 3 doses of Hepatitis. Please make a copy of your child's physical for your records. Physicals must take place July 1, 2017* or later and are due at Quick Start. Click here to access a copy of the CPS required physical form.
*Some schools have required students to have a completed physical before the end of the school year. Physicals are good for one year. At the time of Quick Start, students who have had a physical within the year can submit the existing physical. Students should then submit an updated physical when the current physical expires.

Incoming 7th Grade Summer Reading Assignment

Please see the attached document that explains your summer reading assignment. You may purchase the books at a bookstore, order them used from amazon, read them on a kindle or nook, check them out from a library, or borrow them from a classmate or friend. Please email Ms. Ulmer at with questions.
Click here to access the summer reading assignment.

Shadow Days

Unfortunately, Lane does not offer shadow days given the amount of requests we receive. We simply do not have the capacity to accommodate all students. Accepted students will be invited to visit Lane one more time before making their selection.

Academic Center and Admissions Details

Lane Tech maintains class sizes of 120 students for 7th and 120 students for 8th grade. While Lane most likely will not have an opening in the 8th grade, interested students could complete the application process described above in the event that a student opening is available. LTAC Course Selections
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