IIT Women in STEM Day

Hi ladies! Welcome to GEMS club! Looking forward to a great year with you all!
We have our first opportunity from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago! Illinois Tech is hosting their annual Women In STEM Day which is October 10, 2016 and celebrates women in technology! We encourage you all to come to the free event where there will be lots of great presentations and hands on activities from women in biology, engineering, chemistry and more!
Here is the email below for more information!
I wanted to remind you about an exciting opportunity coming up on Columbus Day, October 10th on Illinois Tech’s campus. We’ll be hosting our annual Women In STEM Day from 9 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. I would appreciate you passing this information on to your female students and/or any of your STEM faculty who can encourage their students to attend!
The event is free and includes hands-on sessions for girls to learn more about the STEM fields from our students, faculty, and alumnae. An example of a session is below and the agenda is attached:
Oobleck Origination 
Material Advantage compels students to construct their own slime and silly putty using common, formerly not uncommon, and almost mundane household materials. Witness firsthand how chemistry and physics amalgamate to produce perturbing putty possessing preposterous properties. Have fun with your hands while learning about materials science and engineering. Give us a chance, what have you got to ooze?
Students can learn more and register at visit.iit.edu and if any teachers or counselors would like to attend they should contact the event coordinator, Jody Buck, at jbuck2@iit.edu.

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