Hope you all had a great week! Here is another great opportunity:

On Saturday, April 11th, high school students are invited to UIUC for a FREE undergrad-led outreach event: CS @ ILLINOIS Splash! Any student interested in computer science, math, or science is welcome. You could spend the day taking fun courses taught by undergrads, creating a custom schedule based on YOUR interests. The program includes all three meals on Saturday for FREE.

Splash will offer a wide selection of classes with topics in and out of computer science…such as:

Robots: Our Future Overlords
UIUC 101: How to Succeed at UIUC! (or any college)
Secret Codes, Magic Tricks, And Coloring Books
Landing a Job your Freshman Year
Hacking Ninja 101
Quizditch: Harry Potter Trivia
E-sports Are The New Sports: League Of Legends Analysis
What the Heck is Machine Learning?
Awesome Animations in Swift
…and a whole bunch more!


Submit your email to https://splash.cs.illinois.edu by Tuesday, March 24th to ensure availability. Splash will reach out to you within two weeks with more information! Splash is entirely free, though students will need to provide their own transit to UIUC.

Questions? Course ideas? go to cs-splash@illinois.edu.