National Geographic Reminder

Just another reminder about the upcoming National Geographic presentations, with  the first one coming up on October 25th.
Please fill out the form below if you would like to attend any/all of these presentations and you will receive a permit for the presentation.
GEMS club secretary
Tifani Panek
You are invited to attend all 3 National Geographic presentations at Lane Tech!
​The dates and presentations:
Tuesday October 25th– Mankind to Mars
Tuesday December 3rd– Diving the Blue Holes of the Bahamas
Tuesday February 21st​- I Bought a Rainforest
Please, see here for descriptions of the 3 presentations.  Presentations are during extended first periods with a short question and answer session with the presenter during 2nd to select classes.  FILL OUT THIS FORM IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND ANY OR ALL OF THESE PRESENTATIONS!  I will get a permit for you!
Email Alison Hildebrandt with any questions!