GEMS Take a Tour of the Chicago Google Office

On Friday, April 19, GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science) students visited the Chicago Google Office.  Several Google Engineers, including Jen Chen, who organized the event, spoke to the girls about their backgrounds and experiences and why they decided to become computer scientists at Google.  They also described a “typical day” at Google and took the girls on a tour of the entire office!

Panelists listed problem solving, logic, statistics & data analysis, and communication as skills necessary to accomplish their Google projects.  Most did not start off in the computer science fields but ended up at Google because computer science provided them with daily challenges that they found to be extremely interesting and meaningful.  The engineers even encouraged the students to explore programming by playing with code on Google Chrome’s built-in Developer tools. The girls had a blast on the field trip and look forward to exploring opportunities in the computer science field.