First meeting Recap

For our first meeting we went over basic information about who the officers are, what they do, and what the club is about. Our President, Colleen, seeks guest speakers and creates agendas for meetings. Not only is Colleen the president, but also a member in the robotics team we have at Lane! Thanks to Ms. Smit, one of the robotics teacher, she was able to give us an insight on the robotics team, robotics classes, and all the opportunities it can lead to! You do not need to be a tech buff or have any experience because you can be taught in class! Unfortunately the robotics season has already started so keep in mind this spring when signing up for classes next year. For more info on robotics email Colleen or Ms. Smit :)
Besides our amazing President, our other wonderful officers: Giana, Odalys, and I (Genesis) are available with any questions and suggestions you may have! Giana organizes and share schedule for STEM club meetings; Odalys sends emails to our members, maintain accurate attendance, and communicates about upcoming meetings and field trips! As for me I regularly update and maintain our wonderful website and our GEMS Facebook page.
Lastly, we concluded the meeting about information of other clubs: Chemistry Club, Math team, and Science Olympiad! Chemistry Club starts Oct. 29 in room 117 and meets every other Wednesday. Math Team meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays in room 349. And Science Olympiad meets on Mondays, Tuesdays , and every other Wednesdays in room 241.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions! Either comment us a question below or email