Hi everyone! The following people have paid, but not picked up their shirts! Please email Ms. Whittaker (ktwhittaker@cps.edu) if your name is below to figure out a time to pick up your shirt! If they are not picked up by spring break she is going to give them to a homeless shelter!!!!!

Ms. Whittaker is in her room: 1,2,3,5,6,7 – Room 434. I am in Room 443 during 4th.
If these times do not work, EMAIL HER!!!

Jessica Gonzalez
Kasia Baranek
Ceidy Ovalle
Soledad Acosta
Jamie Hansen
Rithika Tudmilla
Fay Lin
Serena Westcott

Additionally, the following people have still not paid. If you do not pay and pick up by spring break, this will be added to your student debt.

Sharon Cachu
Xiomara Rivera
Joseline Pintado
Schanelle Alonzo
Julianne Lingao (sp?)
Hannah Figueroa
Isabel Calderon
Natalie Wagner
Anjali Patel
Sofia Shimpi
Sydney Foley
Gabriella Tran

It is very important that you pay and pick up your shirts as soon as possible!!
Thank you!!!