Lane Tech Spirit Award

Each month, two staff-nominated students will be featured. These students represent Lane by showing exceptional effort academically, in extracurricular activities, in athletics, and/or in the community.

Sergio Diaz

Sergio is a fantastic student at Lane Tech. He is very dedicated and helps out every where he can. Sergio has attended ROTC classes and other electives throughout his years here at Lane Tech. He has many friends and is very well liked. Sergio knows many of the students by name and never fails to say hello and share a story with them. He has worked security for International Days every year and is an excellent dancer. He even made YouTube 2 years ago during International Days when he did an impromptu solo dance during an intermission that was a hit on the internet. Participants in the Best Buddies program all know him well and want to be his partner.

Aleksandra Wolan

"Aleksandra, better known as Ola by her teachers and peers, has also been a dedicated student and community member. She is enthusiastic and makes an effort to remain knowledgeable and informed about what is happening within the Lane community. As a member of the lacrosse team, Ola always strives to improve her skills including coaching younger players for the IGLA. While at Lane, she has also been involved in the letterman club. As a student, Ola is always respectful, attentive and eager to help out her peers whenever they are struggling." -Ms. Tanya Mead


Sergio Diaz
Aleksandra Wolan


Ashley Albarran
Ermin Jakupovic

Dec & Jan

Kathrin Kajderowicz
Emilia Vidal-Hallett


Matthew McCoy
Miguel Ortega


Joey Velazquez
Gaby Zamora


Patryk Chlopecki
Grace Garrity


Zach Coleman
Amanda Tse


Claire Ramos
Lorna Sanchez