SUMMER INFO: Sign up for classroom driver ed is done over the phone starting after CPS spring break. Please call 773 534-5418 for dates, times and fees.

Driver Education Finisher Sheet

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Driver Education Finishers

The Illinois State Board of Education in conjunction with the Illinois Secretary of States office has issued the following concerning Driver Education Completion Certificates:

Students finishing the entire Driver Education Program (30 classroom hours, 4 range hours, and 6 Behind The Wheel hours) will be able to go to the Secretary of State facility for their driver license 2 WEEKS after completion.

Students are encouraged to check their status before going to the Secretary of States office. They can do so at and follow prompts through the Student/Parent tab, click "D", then go to Driver Education Student License Inquiry. All students are required to hold their permits for 9 months and 1 day from the time their permit was issued.

Students are required to being the following to the Secretary of State Office:

      1. Permit and Permit Receipt
      2. Car with proof of insurance or Waiver
      3. 50 Hour Sheet filled out
      4. Birth Certificate and Social Security card
      5. Must be 16 and have permit for 9 months and 1 day
      6. Parent with ID
      7. Students must have proof of residency (2 pieces). Ex. a piece of mail, report card or transcript with their current address on it.

Gregg Mitchell
Director of Driver Education
Lane Tech High School